A piece for the Conservation, History, and Art residency hosted in Leavenworth, WA
I was born in Wenatchee and have spent most of my life living in Leavenworth, yet not un6l recently was I aware of the legacy of the land I know as home. The CHA Residency created a space to consider the Wenatchee valley with new eyes and think cri6cally about its cultural history. To acknowledge the first peoples of this land, the P’squosa, and the creatures who have shaped and been shaped by this place over millennia. We are all connected by the watershed, which is why it is all the more important to take care of it. The salmon travel the en6re course of the watershed, from alpine lakes to the ocean. They play a key role in the health of our ecosystem, bringing nutrients from the sea to our mountains in their death.

Oil on panel
16 x 25 in
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